Re-gifting the Twelve Days of Jargon (Christmas Video)

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 By | December 13, 2013
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December 13, 2013

Hey, I'm not proud. If I were, I sure wouldn't have done these "Twelve Days of Jargon" videos last year.

So I'm not too proud to re-gift them, either.

If I could re-gift the sweaters, too, I would. Trust me.

The first of our twelve days of jargon is all about data quality. Data coming in from letters, put into a Letter Management System by elves, for every country and language in the world? Yeah, Santa has some data quality problems. 

Enjoy the video! We'll be back each day, from now through Christmas Eve, with a different video explaining a different bit of jargon -- and a different lousy sweater. Don't say you weren't warned.