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 By | October 12, 2015
October 12, 2015

New York Mets Season on Facebook

I am a New York Mets fan.

It’s a lot easier to say that right now than it has been for a long time. When the Mets clinched the NL East on September 26th I popped open a bottle of champagne and celebrated with the players. Well, not exactly. They were in the clubhouse in Cincinnati and I was in my living room with my wife and kids watching them on TV, but that was close enough for me. It had been 9 years, 1 marriage, 3 kids, and a lot of losing since they had last won the division, so I felt the occasion warranted a small celebration on my part.

Although it looks like the Mets and their young pitching staff are set up to win for a number of years, you just never know (they are the Mets after all), so I figured I’d document the season with some social media analysis and a blog.

I pulled down the posts and comments on the New York Mets’ Facebook page for the entire season, starting on Opening Day (4/6/2015) and ending on the last day of the regular season (10/4/2015). Take a look at the image here.

More than any other sport, baseball is dominated by statistics. With that in mind, here are some of the Mets’ Facebook stats for the season:

·         Total number of posts and comments during the 2015 regular season: 159,430

·         Total number of unique posters: 55,455

·         The posts and comments generated 1,729,371 likes

·         That’s an average of about 876 posts/comments per day during the season

In terms of popularity the players with the most mentions during the season were:

·         Matt Harvey with 3,399 mentions – this was largely due to the celebrations of Happy Harvey day

·         David Wright was next with 3,183 – somewhat surprising since he missed the majority of the season

·         Tom Seaver came in third with 2,261 mentions.  When you are nicknamed “The Franchise” I guess it doesn’t matter if you played before the invention of social media—people will always be talking about you

Some of the more active dates:

·         4/23 – The Mets win their 11th in a row: 2,432 posts

·         7/15 – DeGrom strikes out the side in his All Star game appearance on 10 pitches: 3,923 posts

·         8/1 – Cespedes debuts against the Nationals: 2,294 posts

·         8/25 – Robles quick pitch against the Phillies: 3,552 posts

·         9/9 – Mets sweep the Nationals, essentially ending the race: 2,136 posts

·         9/26 – Mets clinch the 2015 NL East title: 4,210 posts


Regardless of how far the Mets go in the playoffs it’s been a memorable season.

This social media exercise was mostly for fun, but social media provides valuable insights for many organizations. At Information Builders we offer our customers a number of ways to get more value out of their activity on social media - here are 4 Impactful Use Cases.  We also provide something we call the “Social Media Challenge” where we’ll analyze your organization’s Facebook page much like we did here for the Mets – for more details click here.

If you are interested in taking the challenge please contact me at or find me on twitter at @tweetgrady.

Let’s Go Mets! #LGM