The Social Side of Information Builders Summit 2015

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 By | June 08, 2015
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June 08, 2015

Using the Word Frequency capabilities of the WebFOCUS platform we can see that the most popular topics Tweeted at #IBSummit 2015 included "Analytics," "Gerry," and "Big Data".

Information Builders Summit is, for me at least, the most energizing networking event of the year.  This year was no different, with over a 1000 customers and colleagues discussing how to get more value out of the world’s data. This year, like last year, not only were we all discussing data, we were contributing to it as well by taking to Twitter to discuss the event, which added a digital dimension to the networking. 

We used the #IBSummit to catalog the Twitter conversation, which also gives us the ability to analyze the data.  What makes this year’s analysis different is we can use last year’s #IBSummit data as a benchmark. Benchmarks are important for all metrics, but they have specific importance to social metrics where many of the things we track are engagement related – if, when, and how much activity took place.

So let’s take a look at some of the numbers based on the five days that Summit was taking place (5/31- 6/4):

  • 189 individuals took part in the conversation this year, a slight uptick over last year where we had 182 unique contributors
  • These 189 individuals created 1,348 Tweets, an 18 percent increase over last year's activity
  • These Tweets had a total potential impression reach of 4,801,160, which we calculated by taking each of the individuals "Tweeters" follower count, multiplying it by their number of Tweets, and then adding up that number
  • Using the Word Frequency capabilities of the WebFOCUS platform, which counts how often terms are mentioned in a set of textual data, we can see that the most popular topics Tweeted about were "Analytics," "Gerry," and "Big Data". "Analytics" and "Gerry" were also among the top last year - "Big Data" has moved up in prominence. 
  • Outside of Information Builders staff the biggest contributors to the Twitter conversation were the analyst community and our partners:
  • Mark Smith of Ventana Research – 63 tweets – follow @marksmithvr
  • Tony Cosentino of Ventana Research – 21 tweets – follow @tonycosentinovr
  • Cindy Howson of Gartner – 19 tweets – follow @biscorecard
  • RDC Consulting – 14 tweets – follow @RDCBiz_IT

During my social media analytics session I shared how we use the WebFOCUS platform to access and analyze social data to generate statistics like these. The session also focused on how to put social metrics in context to understand the impact of your social media activities on your business.

I also had sessions on embedding predictive outcomes into operational applications to maximize their impact and the growing importance of Search Based Applications (customers from Air Canada, Black Knight Financial, and RainTree Oncology presented their solutions).

As always, I came home from Summit energized by the successes of our customers and full of new ideas based on what they are doing with the Information Builders platform. 

Thank you again for continuing the conversation. Follow Information Builders on Twitter at @infobldrs and follow me at @tweetgrady.