My Summit 2015 Experience - What I'm Looking Forward To

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 By | May 28, 2015
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May 28, 2015

Analysis of Twitter activity around Summit 2015

I’ve been traveling around North America speaking at our Data Monetization events. As part of that event I always like to ask the audience, “how many of you have ever been part of a failed technology project?” As you would expect, the majority of the room responds with raised hands. I always follow that question up with this statement – “if you’ve ever been involved in a failed technology project, you recognize the value of the partner you chose to work with on that project – at Information Builders we partner with our customer differently than any other company in our space.” 

I believe that statement wholeheartedly, not just because Information Builders consistently wins top honors in the industry for customer service (although it helps), but because I’ve heard it over and over again for the last 15 years while working (or should I say partnering) directly with Information Builders customers. 

The event that demonstrates this partnering mentality better than any other is our annual Summit (#IBSummit) which starts this coming Monday, June 1st, and runs through Thursday, June 4th. With this being Information Builders 40th birthday we are expecting our largest gathering of customers, partners, and employees ever, as detailed by Kathleen Moran in this post.

Personally, I like to use this event every year to engage with customers in as many ways as possible. Here are a few of the things I’m looking forward to being a part of:

  • For the very first time at Summit 2015 we'll have an "Application Design Lab" in which customers can schedule time with two of our UI and Visualization experts, Porter Thorndike and Brian Carter.
  • I'll be hosting the first ever customer panel for our Magnify product, which allows customers to combine search and BI capabilities to create Search Based Applications. Representatives from Air Canada, Black Knight Financial, and RainTree Oncology will be presenting the value these unique applications are adding to their organizations. Not familiar with Search Based Apps? Learn more in this blog post.
  • I have another session focused on understanding the business impact of social media programs. We will be discussing avoiding "anti"-social media analytics and the importance of integrating social media data with enterprise data. We'll detail some important use cases as well, some of which are referenced in this blog post about putting social media in context.
  • Bruce Kolodziej and I are sharing a session on Predictive Analytics and the importance of getting those insights out of the back office and embedded into operational activities. Some of the content we'll be covering is documented in this post, Big Data: It's about Impact, Not Insights.
  • Socializing. Sorry, "Networking".

The activity I’m looking forward to the most is the one I’ve been involved in for the last 8 years at #IBSummit. I work a desk labeled “Agenda Experts”. Basically, I’m there to help customers build out their curriculum for the week. I ask them questions and learn about their skills and the projects they are working on in order to help them choose from the hundreds of sessions available to them. It’s incredibly rewarding to watch customers I’ve worked with at Summits past now on the agenda themselves, presenting solutions based on things they’ve learned at this very event.

If you’re attending Information Builders Summit 2015, please stop by and introduce yourself. If you aren’t attending, please look for updates throughout the week on Twitter using #IBSummit.