Strata + Hadoop World 2015: What I'm Looking Forward To

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 By | February 17, 2015
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February 17, 2015

Analysis of the tweets containing #StrataHadoop leading up to the conference

This week I will be escaping the frozen tundra of the Northeast and heading out to sunny California for Strata Hadoop World. Aside from the much needed weather relief there are a few reasons I’m particularly excited about attending this conference.

First and foremost is the focus of the conference: Big Data. Although there are many in the industry who believe the term itself is overused, the concept and the applications are still in a state of “discovery” for many organizations. That discovery state makes for a much more collaborative environment at conferences than when dealing with more mature markets. 

The topics and presentations range from hands-on training for implementing Hadoop or building predictive R models, to the laws and ethics around open data, to designing front ends and business use cases. It’s the sessions that fall into that last bucket that I’m most interested in attending in order to get a better understanding of how organizations are leveraging data to make an impact internally (A topic I’ve blogged about recently). There are several sessions focused on how organizations are “Monetizing” their data—an area in which Information Builders and our customers excel. If you are attending the conference stop by Rado Kotorov’s session “The Monetization of Big Data: Finding Value and Profit” Thursday afternoon.  If you aren’t going to be at the conference, perhaps you’ll be able to make one of the Executive Luncheons that we will be delivering on the topic through March and April – click here to check out the schedule.


Quite frankly, the second reason I’m looking forward to attending this conference is to show off a little bit. Some of the capabilities that Information Builders brings to the table when it comes to streamlining the assembly of “Big Data” style applications are impressive and always generate interest and excitement when demonstrated. 

For example, when someone who has tried to use Hadoop and MapReduce to do word frequency analysis on top of some unstructured data (like social media feeds), and then visualize that analysis in a Tag Cloud or Stream Graph, that person will see WebFOCUS complete the task in just a matter of minutes.

Information Builders also generates excitement when an individual views how quickly WebFOCUS InfoDiscovery can ingest a large volume of data and allow someone to visualize and interact with it instantaneously. That excitement continues when that someone sees how results of predictive models developed with R can be seamlessly integrated into operational applications

Even those who have tried to accomplish these things with code and open source technology on their own respond with excitement regarding how the capabilities could be applied to make a positive impact on their organizations. 

The images above include an analysis of the Tweets containing #StrataHadoop in the weeks leading up to the conference.  I hope you’ll stop by Booth #1528 to see a live demonstration of some of the capabilities I’ve mentioned above, and if you aren’t going to the conference, please don’t hesitate to contact me to schedule a personal conversation.