Happy Social Media Day

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 By | June 30, 2014
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June 30, 2014

Dashboard analyzing popularity of Information Builders' blog posts in 2014.

Happy Social Media Day!  In 2010, Mashable marked this day to recognize the digital revolution that is Social Media.  For the past 5 years, people across the globe have celebrated by coming together at “meet ups” in their areas.  I envisioned thousands of people in a room, heads down, tweeting the entire time.  But after seeing pictures tweeted from the event, it actually looked very social in the traditional sense, i.e., food, drinks, conviviality.

Social media means different things to different people, but at its core, Social Media is about connecting.  In your personal life, it’s about staying connected to friends and family. In your professional life, it’s about staying connected to old colleagues and networking to find new connections and opportunities.  From a business perspective, it’s about opening a new channel for customer communications, and connecting potential customers with your products or services. This is often referred to as “social media marketing,” which is defined on Wikipedia as “efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks (connections), resulting in electronic word of mouth (eWoM).” (Say that last bit aloud. It’s fun.)

In honor of Social Media Day, I thought it would be interesting to analyze how the content we’ve created at Information Builders has performed in terms of social media marketing.  So I leveraged WebFOCUS’ ability to consume Google Analytics data and created a dashboard tracking unique visitor traffic to the various blogs we’ve posted on our website.  

Year to date we’ve had 11,401 unique visitors read the various blogs we’ve posted.  The majority of that traffic (49%) found the content via search engines; 14% came via social media sites; and the remaining 37% traffic came from other sources.  The traffic is global and primarily from the US (6,423 unique visitors), followed by India and the UK.

Let’s do a Letterman-style countdown of the Top 10 Blogs in terms of traffic:

10. What do Lego and BI Platforms Have in Common? – 190 unique visitors

9. The Gladness and Sadness of March Madness – 216 unique visitors

8. Predictions for 2014, Round 2: Big Data, Data Quality, and Analytic Convergence – 260 unique visitors

7. Oscar Analysis: How Did the Data Do? – 262 unique visitors

6. The Candy Crush Conversation – 316 unique visitors

5. Turning the Tables on the Elf on a Shelf – 339 unique visitors

4. 2013 Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools – Gartner’s Analysis of a Strong Market – 341 unique visitors

3. Oscar Analysis: Can Social and Box Office Data Predict the Best Picture Winner -623 unique visitors

2. Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics, 2014 – Here’s Our Take – 1,286 unique visitors

And the number one blog in the first half 2014, with 1,872 unique visitors YTD is….

  1. The Disadvantages of Big Data by Dr. Rado Kotorov

What I find most interesting about social media marketing is the unlimited reach of content and the unpredictability of what will generate engagement.  If you look at our top 10 list above, there is a great deal of variety in the content.  They all provide value and each has found a way to connect with someone.  I’m glad that this post has found a way to connect with you on Social Media Day. Since we can’t easily celebrate over a beer – let’s toast with a tweet.

Attribution of banner photo for Social Media Day: Mashable.com on Flickr.