Partner Spotlight: Information Builders Partners With VisualCue

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 By | July 28, 2016
in Business Intelligence, Data Visualization
July 28, 2016

I’m excited to share today that VisualCue Technologies, a leader in visual analytics, is partnering with Information Builders to help more business intelligence (BI) users derive value from sophisticated data visualizations.

In many ways, the Information Builders/VisualCue partnership is a match made in analytics heaven. Here at VisualCue, we believe that data should be used to draw new conclusions and drive progress across an organization. The company promotes the idea that everyone should be able to look at data and learn something, and we’re committed to making that happen with our advanced visualization technologies. Information Builders shares that mantra – the company has long supported the concept of pervasive BI and the importance of putting BI technology into the hands of a broad user base. It looks like this relationship will work out quite nicely!

The partnership gives users of WebFOCUS (Information Builders' BI and analytics platform) plug-and-play access to VisualCue’s suite of unique visualizations for enhanced insight into WebFOCUS data. The VisualCue platform seamlessly connects with Information Builders' data sources and offers users a compelling new way to understand their data and make faster, more informed decisions. The VisualCue approach provides a highly customizable, intuitive way to transform spreadsheet data into icons with built-in domain expertise and industry knowledge.

Going visual with WebFOCUS and VisualCue means any user has access to actionable intelligence they can put to use to improve business performance. The visual approach empowers anyone in the organization, regardless of analytics training. The partnership will aid the increasing number of companies that are seeking to use advanced business intelligence tools to drive performance improvements at the operational level.

The importance of visual data interpretation continues to grow, as an increasing number of end-users (with varying analytics expertise) strive to glean value from complex data sets. We’re thrilled to be working with Information Builders to enable even more users to derive meaningful value from their data, and we look forward to seeing how our great customers utilize and benefit from WebFOCUS dashboards enhanced by VisualCue technology.