The New Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality

Analysts Agree: We’re a Rock in a Sea of Uncertainty

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The New Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality

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Jake Freivald | November 24, 2015

Just last week, I posted about Omni-Gen, our brand-new approach to data integration, data quality, and master data management (MDM).   This week, Gartner announced that we're a leader in the data quality market. If you're considering products from Informatica, IBM, SAP, Trillium, or others, we...

Charlie Brown, The Peanuts Movie, and Successful BI

Dan Grady's picture
Dan Grady | November 23, 2015

A few weekends ago, my wife and I took the kids to see The Peanuts Movie. Believe it or not, they initiated us going to see it, though if we had to, my wife and I would have gladly dragged them to the theater to meet the characters we grew up with and loved. Like many classics, the Peanuts’...

Taming the Black Friday Madness with Data

Rado Kotorov's picture
Rado Kotorov | November 23, 2015

The ‘perceived value’ created by retail ‘discounts’ has interested behavioral economists for some time. Flash sales and bargain hunting can bring out irrational behavior in even the most logical individuals. Black Friday is a prime example. On this one day each year, the game between retailers and...

Overcoming Math Anxiety in the Workplace with Data Visualization

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Jake Freivald | November 20, 2015

An interesting recent piece speaks about math anxiety, and how to best present data to people who are not comfortable working with numbers. The article's author, Bernard Marr says "you are likely to encounter in the work environment a good number of people who simply don’t like working...

Do You Know the 5 Priorities of Digital Banking?

Jon M. Deutsch's picture
Jon M. Deutsch | November 18, 2015

To maintain their appeal and relevance to a younger and more mobile demographic, regional and community banks are compelled to accelerate their migration to “digital banking.” In many cases, large universal banks have taken the lead and the gap is widening.  Investments in technology, process...

Redefining Customer Service in the Public Sector

Melissa Treier's picture
Melissa Treier | November 12, 2015

We’ve all had customer service “wow” moments – times when we’re left delighted with an organization that made us feel special and heard. We’ve all also had the opposite. In the new age of customer service, constituents have grown accustomed to on-demand services and having a voice on social media....

InfoApps™ Deliver Analytical Enlightenment

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Porter Thorndike | November 10, 2015

InfoApps™ are highly interactive, analytical apps for non-technical users. Our customers deploy our platform-backed InfoApps to thousands of users with the benefit of greater adoption and usability than analytical tools, while still maintaining great flexibility.   Data visualization...

Analysts Agree: We’re a Rock in a Sea of Uncertainty

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Michael Corcoran | November 04, 2015

If you’re comparing BI and analytics vendors right now, you know how noisy and confusing the market is. There are traditional BI vendors, new data discovery vendors promising self-service nirvana, and vendors who want to take you to the cloud and nothing but the cloud. How do you make your...