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Scalability: Think About Proven Success

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Information Builders Anniversary: 40 Years of Innovation and Industry Leadership

WebFOCUS Express: Dashboards, Reporting, and Analytics for SMBs

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Jake Freivald | October 02, 2015

Have your eyes ever been bigger than your stomach -- you really wanted something, but it was really too much for you? It happens to small and midsized businesses (SMBs) all the time. They know what they need, and it looks an awful lot like what larger enterprises have: easy dashboards, reporting,...

Information Builders is at TDWI San Diego

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Kathleen Moran | September 18, 2015

Information Builders is excited to be heading out West next week for TDWI San Diego, taking place September 20th-25th. There’s so much great stuff happening – it promises to be an exciting and insightful week. Information Builders will be at booth 201, where executives will be on hand to talk all...

The True Cost of Migrating Bad Data

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James Cotton | September 17, 2015

I recently wrote an article for Information Age on the true cost of migrating bad data to your new system and the importance of profiling your data before importing. No matter how much you’ve spent on your new system, if it’s running on bad data, it won’t live up to its potential, and will remain...

BARC Infographic: Where Big Data Is Making An Impact

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Maria Dahlquist Canton | September 15, 2015

One of the drawbacks of big data is that it’s difficult to conceptualize. Sure, data is everywhere, but is it being used in a meaningful way?  There are still barriers for enterprises seeking to monetize or operationalize big data, but there are many promising examples of big data in action...

Information Builders Helps Universities Get Into Top Form

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Kathleen Moran | September 08, 2015

It’s that time of year again! Summer has come to a close and parents, students and universities are all in a back-to-school frame of mind. (I am personally ready for my boys to go back!) We thought this would be a perfect time to highlight some of our higher education customers that have made a...

Scalability: Think About Proven Success

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Jake Freivald | September 03, 2015

One of our competitors recently wrote an article about scalability, and its growing importance as organizations seek to empower more people with analytic capabilities. "If you want to invite more people to think with data, you need to enable them with the tools to do so," she writes. ...

Introducing OpenRules Technology for our iWay Integration Suite

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Jeremy Ballanco | September 02, 2015

Today’s rapid speed of innovation coupled with the ever-evolving economic landscape has changed the game for companies across sectors. No longer can employees wait for months of IT development to make changes to their business strategies. Today’s world moves too fast for such delays, and it is...