Ventana Research Value Index for Analytics and BI, 2015: Our Take

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Information Builders Talks Financial Services in Boston

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Jon M. Deutsch | April 20, 2015

Information Builders is heading to Boston this week. No, we’re not running the marathon; we’re heading to the 2015 CEB Financial Services Technology Summit! The summit will bring together financial services line of business leaders, marketing executives, senior technologists, CIOs and more for what...

Ventana Research Value Index for Analytics and BI, 2015: Our Take

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Jake Freivald | April 14, 2015

First, the great news: Information Builders was ranked as the very hottest of the Hot Vendors in Ventana Research’s Value Index for Analytics and Business Intelligence. (Download the executive summary for free.) We’re really, really proud of achieving that status in a large, vigorous, and...

Information Builders is all About Healthcare at HIMSS 2015

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Kathleen Moran | April 13, 2015

The annual HIMSS Conference and Expo is taking place in Chicago this week. More than 38,000 healthcare IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from across the globe have convened in the Windy City to discuss everything from the legal aspects of HIPAA to the future of technology in...

Introducing Omni-Gen™: Game Changing Master Data Management

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Jeremy Ballanco | April 06, 2015

Master Data Management projects are notorious for being long and drawn out, taking months to complete.  In some organizations, MDM is a four-letter word and very hard to get business sponsorship.  A critical part to selling MDM to the business is “time to value”.  The faster we can...

What’s in a Map?

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Mark Winslow | April 03, 2015

Whether you realize it or not, maps are one of the most mainstream visualizations we encounter. Consider this: Every 4 years we Americans find ourselves looking at a map of the US with various states shaded red or blue as news personalities try to be the first to predict how each district or state...

Become an Analytical BEAST using Filtering and Drilldown

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Porter Thorndike | April 02, 2015

On my way into an important presentation I am swarmed by a hoard of barbarian paparazzi all screaming “PORTER! PORTER! I WANT A DASHBOARD THAT CAN FILTER AND DRILLDOWN! PORTER! PORTER!” The flashbulbs are blinding me and I shout back "HOW DARE YOU? I AM NOT JUSTIN BIEBER! I'M JUST A TECHNICAL...

Monetizing Data - It's More Than What You Think

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Terri White | March 30, 2015

Information is capital. How do you maximize its value?  Data monetization is the process of unlocking the significant financial value held by the data in your enterprise systems. While the potential to monetize data has always existed, the proliferation of big data from new sources such as...

An “All Gartner” Week in Las Vegas

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Kathleen Moran | March 27, 2015

  Information Builders is heading to Las Vegas next week for not one but two Gartner Research events: Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit, March 30-April 1, followed by Gartner Enterprise Information & Master Data Management Summit, April 1-2. We’re looking forward to what...

Kicking off the Analytics for Insurance Conference

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James Barber | March 25, 2015

Information Builders is at the Analytics for Insurance Conference and Expo this week in Chicago, and the event is off to a great start. The show floor is filled with insurance professionals from all areas, coming together to discuss the latest developments in BI and analytics technology for the...