BI Software

WebFOCUS BI software delivers reports, dashboards and graphical content to every user, within or outside the organization.

Business Intelligence software or BI software involves an organization's ability to facilitate improved decision-making by giving the right information to the right people at the right time. BI software empowers users throughout a company or organization to not only access diverse company data sources but to also report and analyze that critical information in an efficient manner.

BI software is not just about delivering reports from a data warehouse; it's about providing large numbers of people – executives, analysts, customers, partners, and everyone else – secure and simple access to the right information so they can satisfy their unique requirements, then share that information accordingly. WebFOCUS BI Software, from Information Builders, enables all users to become as self-sufficient and productive as possible.

WebFOCUS' unique self-service reporting capability ensures maximum flexibility and usability for executive, analytical, and operational users without requiring organizations to deploy complex analytics tools to everyone. Users simply need a Web browser, tablet or smart phone to obtain and share information – no plug-ins or additional local software is necessary.  And because of our open app architecture, users are not locked into using specific mobile devices to access information either.

WebFOCUS provides comprehensive dashboarding, data discovery and analytics functionality allowing organizations to leverage any data asset, transform it into useful information, and deliver it in an actionable format to a much larger, more distributed class of users, both inside and outside the organization.

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