Business Intelligence. It's Better Here.

When Is It Time for Better Business Intelligence?

When you spend more time waiting for answers, than you do answering questions. When you can’t get the data you need, or it’s dirty. When you see your business only from a historical point of view. When the cost per user gets too high. And when you can’t scale easily to empower more people.

Information Builders vs. the Competition. Why BI Is Better Here.

Read the Better BI fact sheet to see what sets Information Builders apart from other business intelligence (BI) vendors.

There Is a Better Solution

Better business intelligence exists. It's right here, ready to accompany you on your journey to success.

Better BI is accessible anywhere, from any mobile device. It gives you a clear and consistent view of everyone in your database. It's complete confidence about the data you use to make critical business decisions. It helps you see the big picture in your big data. And it shouldn't break your bank.

And it's much more. It's freedom. It innovates. It’s smart and flexible. It’s stellar service and support. It makes your life, and your business…better.

Information Builders. It’s better here.

Let’s Get Started

For more about our products and services, or to have an Information Builders representative contact you, feel free to go to our Product Information Request page.

We’d also be delighted to demonstrate how we can upgrade your current BI software to a more cost-effective and powerful WebFOCUS application. We'll use sample data and templates to quickly create a WebFOCUS project from your current solution and generate new WebFOCUS dashboards to show the visual capabilities of WebFOCUS analytics.