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Improving Patient Matching

Patient matching is one of the biggest issues facing healthcare today. Adopting a data strategy and the right health IT technologies, such as master data management, are the first and best steps a healthcare organization can take to overcome the patient-matching challenge. This paper explores effective and enduring approaches to patient matching to ensure short- and long-term clinical success, financial stability, and, ultimately, survival.

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Eight Styles of Data Integration

There are many ways to integrate and access vital data. This paper highlights eight proven integration strategies, and uses real-world examples to demonstrate the high­-value, high-­return data access options that are currently available. It explores data warehouses, as well as other methods for making relevant, timely information available to your business users, systems, and processes.

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Combating Trade-Based Money Laundering With Omni-Trade

Most commercial banks lack solutions needed to effectively detect and deter trade-based money laundering activities. This white paper examines the issues and challenges involved in trade-based money laundering and highlights Omni-Trade, an all-in-one trade-based AML monitoring and reporting solution designed to address the growing complexity in trade monitoring so banks can locate and defeat money laundering threats.

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Implementing a Data Integration Strategy For Legacy Modernization

Federal agencies must enhance productivity and cost-efficiency, while boosting transparency, accountability, and performance. This paper lays out key data integration requirements needed to enable successful legacy modernization while lowering operational costs and risk. It also provides a summary of some integration solutions deployed in Federal government and the benefits derived.

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How to Select BI Tools for Different Types of Analysis

This white paper discusses the importance of employing advanced data visualization as part of a broader enterprise reporting solution. It demonstrates how this approach will expand the scope of analytic capabilities to help organizations uncover insights and measure related outcomes.

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Breaking Big: When Big Data Goes Bad

Sometimes, big data can go bad. In this white paper, we discuss why big data environments are at a greater risk for data quality problems. We’ll also highlight the importance of implementing effective and broad-reaching data quality management in big data scenarios, and share solutions and best practices for doing so.

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The Mobile First Approach to Business Intelligence

In this white paper, we’ll provide insight that will help organizations apply the Mobile First strategy to their business intelligence (BI) implementations. Learn about key considerations for creating reporting and analysis environments for mobile devices, such as small screen sizes, device and delivery preferences, and varying connectivity and bandwidth constraints. We’ll also introduce InfoApps™, intuitive, visually compelling, and easy-to-use apps that allow mobile users to immediately discover the answers to numerous mission-critical business questions.

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Top 10 Measurement and Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

"Establishing poor goals" and "measures that drive the wrong behavior" are just two of the Top 10 measurement and planning mistakes detailed by Mark Graham Brown in this white paper. Brown also offers advice – based on real-world experience – on how government and non-profit organizations can avoid or correct these mistakes.

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How Big Data Can Lie

Big data is about more than just storing massive volumes of information. It also creates tremendous opportunities by leveraging predictive analytics. This paper highlights how combining advanced analytical solutions, such as predictive analytics – with data integration and integrity technologies – can facilitate successful analytics and decision management in big data scenarios.

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Embedding Business Analytics to Improve Your Application's Value Proposition

Interest in transforming data from business applications into actionable information has created a resounding explosion in offerings for business analytics. The amount of data generated and captured across multiple sources can be overwhelming. New analytical capabilities capitalize on your big data as well as data stemming from a wide array of applications, including sales, inventory, marketing, loyalty, web, finance, mobile, sensors, and other systems. Incorporating market-leading analytics into your application helps you improve your value proposition and drive new revenue while letting your development staff focus on your core functionality.

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