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Analytics in Healthcare: How Five Healthcare Providers Are Turning Data Into Value

Five Information Builders healthcare customers recently participated in the company’s Healthcare Collaborative, a forum for promoting best practices and developing innovative InfoApps™. Moderated by Alan Eisman, executive director, Healthcare Industry Solutions, Information Builders, the collaborative consisted of: Butler Health System, Quinte Health Care, Allegiance Health System, Memorial Health System, and St. Luke’s Health System. This report explores how the five members are using BI and analytics to drive organizational improvement.

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Four Worst Practices for Leveraging P&C Information When Core Systems Change

P&C insurers are investing heavily in core system upgrades and replacements to better support new products, meet customer expectations, and improve operations. The problem is that analytics and business intelligence (BI) are getting lost in the transition. A core system upgrade offers a unique opportunity to assess how overall business performance can be dramatically improved by combining BI and new core functionality. Unfortunately, many P&C companies simply want to plug BI gaps that emerge during the core system upgrade. This white paper identifies four worst practices that should be avoided during core system upgrades.

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Omni-Gen: Simplifying and Accelerating Master Data Management

Traditional approaches to mastering data are long, complicated, and cumbersome endeavors that drain resources - it can take a year or longer to produce a single mastered domain. In this white paper, we discuss the pitfalls and problems of legacy master data management methods, and highlight innovative new approaches. You'll also meet Omni-Gen, a product that simplifies and accelerates the creation and deployment of mastering applications.

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Can Your Business Intelligence Environment Handle Data Growth?

This white paper discusses the pros and cons of various types of embedded data stores. It also demonstrates, through benchmark testing, how WebFOCUS Hyperstage can respond quickly to database requests and effectively scale to support large volumes of data – without the need for commodity hardware or complex database administration. The paper compares Hyperstage to OLAP and in-memory analytics solutions and explains what makes Hyperstage superior.

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Seven Ways to Improve the Customer Experience With BI and Analytics

This white paper explores seven technology innovations that can empower businesses to optimize the customer experience in today’s multi-channel world. You’ll learn about customer-facing and mobile business intelligence (BI), predictive and sentiment analytics, master data management, and other tools designed to enhance the quality of customer care by streamlining activities, improving service delivery, and increasing the productivity and performance of support teams. Real-world case studies are also featured.

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Achieving a Single View of the Citizen With Information Management

To overcome today’s data challenges, government agencies are increasingly implementing a “single view of the citizen,” which refers to the consolidation, cleansing, and synchronization of data related to both individuals and entities, providing actionable insights to support evidence-based decision-making. This paper outlines the fundamental requirements needed to effectively create a single view of the citizen. It features Information Builders’ integrity, integration, and intelligence solutions that can empower government agencies to tap into timely, vital citizen information from more than 300 sources both inside and outside the organization.

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The CIO's Top Three Priorities in 2015

New technologies and emerging innovations, combined with the ever-shifting demands of the business, make the CIO's list of priorities longer each year. This white paper takes a close look at the CIO's objectives and how data management and analytics play a part. 

Authored by Dr. Rado Kotorov, Chief Innovation Officer & VP Market Strategy, Information Builders, the paper discusses how CIOs are positioned to become stronger drivers and enablers of business success. Real-world case studies are presented as illustrations of industry best practices.

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Data Monetization Strategies: How to Make Money or Save Money With Data and Analytics

In this white paper, we show you various ways to unlock the value of enterprise data – including big data and open data – for generating new revenue, realizing significant cost savings, redefining the customer experience, and pretty much changing business as usual.

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Bridging the Gap: An MPI Group Manufacturing White Paper

As the manufacturing industry rebounds, executives must find new ways to meet increasing demand and complex regulations. This white paper, by the MPI Group, outlines three core strategies that manufacturers should implement to meet today's growing pressures: innovation, talent, and process improvement – and integrate robust information and insights to manage all three for greater profitability.

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Location, Location, Location: Finding, Understanding, and Using the Geography in Your Data

This white paper defines location analytics, and discusses how it makes geospatial information easier to interpret, understand, and retain. It highlights the partnership Information Builders has forged with Esri, a provider of leading location and mapping technologies. The paper also demonstrates why the resulting joint solution is ideal for organizations looking to make powerful location analytics part of their BI environment. Real-world success stories are also included.

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