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Achieving a Single View of the Citizen With Information Management

To overcome today’s data challenges, government agencies are increasingly implementing a “single view of the citizen,” which refers to the consolidation, cleansing, and synchronization of data related to both individuals and entities, providing actionable insights to support evidence-based decision-making. This paper outlines the fundamental requirements needed to effectively create a single view of the citizen. It features Information Builders’ integrity, integration, and intelligence solutions that can empower government agencies to tap into timely, vital citizen information from more than 300 sources both inside and outside the organization.

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The CIO's Top Three Priorities in 2015

New technologies and emerging innovations, combined with the ever-shifting demands of the business, make the CIO’s list of priorities longer each year. This white paper will take a close look at the CIO’s objectives and what they entail. How intelligence, integration, and integrity technologies from Information Builders can help CIOs reach these goals will also be discussed, with real-world case studies presented to demonstrate the benefits.

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Data Monetization Strategies: How to Make Money or Save Money With Data and Analytics

In this white paper, we show you various ways to unlock the value of enterprise data – including big data and open data – for generating new revenue, realizing significant cost savings, redefining the customer experience, and pretty much changing business as usual.

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Bridging the Gap: An MPI Group White Paper

As the manufacturing industry rebounds, executives must find new ways to meet increasing demand and complex regulations. This white paper, by the MPI Group, outlines three core strategies that manufacturers should implement to meet today's growing pressures: innovation, talent, and process improvement – and integrate robust information and insights to manage all three for greater profitability.

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Location, Location, Location: Finding, Understanding, and Using the Geography in Your Data

This white paper defines location analytics, and discusses how it makes geospatial information easier to interpret, understand, and retain. It highlights the partnership Information Builders has forged with Esri, a provider of leading location and mapping technologies. The paper also demonstrates why the resulting joint solution is ideal for organizations looking to make powerful location analytics part of their BI environment. Real-world success stories are also included.

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InfoApps™: The New Era of Self-Service Analytics

IT and business leaders today must provide custom self-service analytics apps designed for specific scenarios, and deploy them to users with a simple app store-like experience. That’s an InfoApp™. This white paper presents frequently asked questions about InfoApps, which deliver highly interactive analytic content, such as data visualizations, charts, graphs, and reports, to users through an easy “app store-like” experience. It provides examples of how they are redefining the landscape of self-service analytics, while helping IT empower the business more effectively.

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Driving Better Business Performance With a Practical Data Strategy

What an embarrassment of riches: We have so much data that we can’t properly govern it, can’t find the time or energy to share it, and sometimes don’t even know where it all lives.

This paper is for you if you’re coping with change, searching for better ways to manage and use data, or just trying to think about data more strategically.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation, and this paper doesn’t present a data strategy. Rather, it will help you define one of your own, tailored to your organization, based on key considerations derived from our experience with tens of thousands of customers.


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The New Generation of Self-Service BI

Having the right data at the right time in the right form is vital for organizations to survive and compete. But it’s not just about data; it’s about the tools. In this white paper by Rick F. van der Lans, you'll see how self‐service business intelligence (BI) solutions support a do-it-yourself approach by enabling users to develop and change their reports and dashboards without assistance from IT.

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Improving Patient Matching

Patient matching is one of the biggest issues facing healthcare today. Adopting a data strategy and the right health IT technologies, such as master data management, are the first and best steps a healthcare organization can take to overcome the patient-matching challenge. This paper explores effective and enduring approaches to patient matching to ensure short- and long-term clinical success, financial stability, and, ultimately, survival.

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Eight Styles of Data Integration

There are many ways to integrate and access vital data. This paper highlights eight proven integration strategies, and uses real-world examples to demonstrate the high­-value, high-­return data access options that are currently available. It explores data warehouses, as well as other methods for making relevant, timely information available to your business users, systems, and processes.

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