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Embedding Business Analytics to Improve Your Application's Value Proposition

Interest in transforming data from business applications into actionable information has created a resounding explosion in offerings for business analytics. The amount of data generated and captured across multiple sources can be overwhelming. New analytical capabilities capitalize on your big data as well as data stemming from a wide array of applications, including sales, inventory, marketing, loyalty, web, finance, mobile, sensors, and other systems. Incorporating market-leading analytics into your application helps you improve your value proposition and drive new revenue while letting your development staff focus on your core functionality.

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Health Insurance Executives Brace for New Information Imperatives – Part 3: The ‘Consumerization’ Requirements of Information Delivery

Part 3, “The ‘Consumerization’ Requirements of Information Delivery,” is the final installment in the research series “Health Insurance Executives Brace for New Information Imperatives.” It explores the user interface requirements uncovered during the research and focuses on the need for user self-reliance in accessing, interfacing with, and using the information required for more effective and efficient personalized decision-making.

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Health Insurance Executives Brace for New Information Imperatives – Part 2: Managing the Complexity of Healthcare Information

Part 2, “Managing the Complexity of Healthcare Information,” of the three-part series, “Health Insurance Executives Brace for New Information Imperatives,” presents research findings on generating business impact and value by providing actionable information to consumers. It explores the use of information technology to enhance the decision-making processes by simplifying the review of data to enhance and clarify the indicated outcomes.

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Health Insurance Executives Brace for New Information Imperatives – Part 1: Meeting the Evolving Demands of Information Consumers

This report is Part 1 of a three-part series, Health Insurance Executives Brace for New Information Imperatives, sponsored by Information Builders and The Gorman Group. It outlines the research findings regarding the changes in demand for information from a diverse set of healthcare information consumers – from health insurance management, support, and operational staff to individual customers, professionals (brokers), healthcare providers, and governmental entities that provide, monitor, and regulate the industry. 

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Data Discovery in the Enterprise

This white paper explores what it means to “visualize responsibly” by addressing five key questions you should ask to avoid the pitfalls and limitations of most data discovery tools:

  • Can you empower all decision-makers, not just a select few?
  • Are rogue dashboards creating more questions than answers?
  • How do you ensure data integrity and prevent flawed insights?
  • What costs are associated with in-memory limitations?
  • Can you add advanced analytical capabilities with ease?

We’ll outline the criteria for data visualization success and provide key features of the technology required to achieve it. Case studies demonstrate how leading organizations are leveraging self-service...

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The Mobile First Approach to Business Intelligence

In this white paper, we’ll provide insight that will help organizations apply the Mobile First strategy to their business intelligence (BI) implementations. Learn about key considerations for creating reporting and analysis environments for mobile devices, such as small screen sizes, device and delivery preferences, and varying connectivity and bandwidth constraints. We’ll also introduce InfoApps™, intuitive, visually compelling, and easy-to-use apps that allow mobile users to immediately discover the answers to numerous mission-critical business questions.

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Top Six Worst Practices In Business Intelligence

Want to know why Business Intelligence (BI) applications succeed and BI tools fail? This white paper presents the six worst practices in BI and analytics, and helps you to avoid them. You'll learn from the experiences of BI experts and information specialists and avoid mistakes such as Worst Practice #1: "Buying What Analysts Want Instead of Considering the Needs of Others". It's a great guide to help you think through how to use BI to enable a culture where everyone is empowered to make better decisions. This paper has been updated for 2014.

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Mobile Business Intelligence 101: Proven Strategies and Use Cases

This white paper discusses mobile business intelligence: what it is, how it is evolving, what applications exist today, and how to address security concerns. It also highlights the WebFOCUS BI platform, which provides advanced mobile capabilities, and real-world success stories.

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The 8 Worst Practices in Master Data Management and How to Avoid Them

The road to a successful master data management (MDM) program can be full of detours and dead ends. In this white paper, Dan Power and Julie Hunt from Hub Designs identify the eight worst practices when planning and designing a MDM and data governance program, and show you to get it right.

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Anatomy of the New Decision: How Five Hot Trends Are Shaping the Future of Business Analytics

See how cloud-based services, predictive analytics, social media analytics, big data, and mobile computing are combining to take business intelligence and business analytics beyond traditional boundaries and transform the way critical decisions are made.

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