Join a Winning Team at Information Builders

People who work at Information Builders want to win, and it shows.

  • We win recognition from top industry analysts, such as Ventana Research and Gartner, by consistently showing client value and technology innovation.
  • We win industry awards every year, such as the Computerworld Honors awards, by applying our innovative technology to customer needs.
  • We win awards based on the votes of conference-goers, such as the Business Intelligence Excellence Award at Gartner's BI Summit, by solving problems instead of selling seats.
  • We win recognition for outstanding customer support, such as with the American Business Awards
  • We win sales and customers, because our clients know that when the stakes are high they need a reliable partner. We have more than 12,000 customers worldwide in every major industry, covering most of the Fortune 100 and most U.S. Federal Government agencies.



Notice that our definition of "winning" differs from others. We're not a startup, where winning means getting bought. We're not a mega-vendor, where winning means absorbing lots of little companies. We're a stable, privately-owned company filled with 1,400 specialists who enjoy making our customers successful through the innovative use of business intelligence and integration technology. It's a culture you won't find anywhere else.

All of those things, along with our top-notch corporate headquarters location above Madison Square Garden in New York City, competitive benefits, dozens of offices worldwide, and high-quality relationships with distributors and other vendors, and a steady $300-million-plus revenue stream, add up to a superior place to work.

If you'd like to experience a career move that will allow you work with a team of professionals who will surprise you with their drive, skill, and intelligence, consider Information Builders.

For more information, search our current openings or contact Human Resources at (212) 736-4433.