Enterprise Information Portals (EIP) and Portal Integration

An Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) is a class of applications that enables organizations to unlock internally and externally stored information and provide users a single gateway to the personalized information needed to make informed business decisions. Portal integration works to consolidate, manage, analyze, and distribute information across and outside an enterprise.

What differentiates portals from static websites is their ability to incorporate data from multiple sources in multiple formats, yet organize it in a consistent way. Just as users can jump from news reports to shopping malls on Yahoo, EIPs enable them to jump from business intelligence (BI) systems to (enterprise resource planning) ERP applications to sales reports, all from a standard browsers.

Information Builders is unique in its ability to offer highly versatile and flexible portal integration solutions that leverage our market-leading WebFOCUS Business Intelligence platform. As part of your overall portal strategy, WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Dashboard and WebFOCUS Open Portal Services can ensure you benefit from the essential elements that go into successful portal deployments – universal data connectivity, personalized access to information sources, and intelligent information delivery that meets the varied needs of all your employees, partners, and customers.

The WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Dashboard provides a simple unified graphical interface for all users. Users can even select analytic tools for creating reports, graphs, and bar charts, as well as features such as matrix reporting, ranking, color coding, drilldowns, and font customization.

Open Portal Services

WebFOCUS Open Portal Services provide users of third-party portal products with the ability to add WebFOCUS BI capabilities to their portal interface. This functionality is achieved through a set of reusable EIP components that are built in a number of formats, such as ASP, JSP, Java™, JavaScript, and HTML/XML, and are easily integrated into existing portal environments.

Open Portal Services