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Our police officers are better equipped to predict and prevent crime.

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Our critical healthcare decisions are based on accurate information.

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The big data analytics we give our advertisers helps to grow their business.

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Our analytics portal will help oncologists improve patient outcomes.

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Our customers and partners have rich analytics to fine-tune their business.

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Self-service analytics reduce pending claims for FirstCare Health Plans

Ameritas leverages pervasive analytics to transform business for policy holders.

Spain's Employment and Social Security Office uses analytics and integration to boost commerce, improve...

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formation Builders Announces General Availability of WebFOCUS InfoDiscovery - See more at: http://www.informationbuilders.com/news/press/release/2014/18480#sthash.K4jTnZSz.dpuf

What's an InfoApp? New Q&A explains what you need to know.

White Paper: Driving Better Business Performance with a Practical Data Strategy

eBooks: High-impact data and analytics in health insurance, retail, and banking



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